Daily Me


just like to say my boyfriend is amazing and you should be jealous. he bought me flowers. and got them delivered to my house here. there are 4 roses (for each month) we’ve been together, and other flowers too. in a vase. a glass vase. and they’re beautiful and they smell good. and i miss him terribly. and he’s perfect. i have baby fever. am i crazy. no. i wish we were done school, rich and ready to just reproduce and get married. let’s.

i saw a quote on tumblr that said “don’t hate what you don’t understand.” it’s true. if i just posted the above, everyone would hate on me and say ‘you can’t be in love if you’ve only been with him for four months.’ well let me say something. you know when you know, and i’ve never for sure known before, but i know now. and he’s all i want. and i’m completely content and extremely ecstatic if i get to spend the rest of my life with him. you can judge me if you want, but we’ll prove you wrong and stay together for the rest of our entire lives. and then you’ll be the one going ‘…oh.’ and you’ll be the one looking like the idiot because you didn’t believe in the true love that was right in front of your nose.